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PNG image: Bucket

A bucket or pail is typically a watertight, vertical cylinder or truncated cone, with an open top and a flat bottom, attached to a semicircular carrying handle called the bail.

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Did you know

There are many types of buckets;

  • A water bucket is used to carry water

  • Household and garden buckets are often used for carrying liquids and granular products

  • Elaborate ceremonial or ritual buckets in bronze, ivory or other materials are found in several ancient or medieval cultures and are sometimes known by the Latin for bucket, situla

  • Large scoops or buckets are attached to loaders and telehandlers for agricultural and earthmoving purposes

  • Crusher buckets attached to excavators are used for crushing and recycling material in the Construction Industry

  • A lunch box is sometimes called a lunch pail, or a lunch bucket.

  • Buckets can be repurposed as seats, tool caddies, hydroponic gardens, chamberpots, "street" drums, or livestock feeders, or for long term food storage by survivalists

  • Buckets are often used as children's toys to shape and carry sand on a beach or in a sandpit

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