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PNG images: Cookie run

Cookie Run is an endless running game created by Devsisters, a game developer based in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is motivated by The Gingerbread Man, a famous fairy tale. The game was released on April 2, 2013 for Kakao, and January 29, 2014 for LINE.

Free Cookie run PNGs

Did you know

The main characters of the game are Cookies whose aim is to escape the Witch’s oven. The characters originate from the earlier games created by Devsisters: Ovenbreak and Ovenbreak 2.

There is a difference between LINE and Kakao versions of the game. The Kakao version is available only in South Korea with only Korean language supported, while the LINE version is available globally with 4 languages available: English, Thai, Japanese and Traditional Chinese. Also, the update schedule of the Kakao version is slightly ahead of the LINE version.

In Cookie Run players have to help a Cookie run as far from the starting point as they can, passing obstacles, jumping through holes and collecting Coins and Jellies.

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