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PNG images: Jamon

Jamón is the Spanish word for Ham. In English it refers to certain types of dry-cured ham from Spain. There are two primary labels for jamón: jamón ibérico (ham from the Black Iberian pig), and jamón serrano (meaning ham from the sierra or mountain range), which includes most other varieties.

Jamón elaboration is similar to that of Portuguese presunto and to Italian prosciutto but it is typically cured for longer (up to 18 months).

Regionally; in Spain jamón is also known as pernil (in Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia, and other areas of Eastern Spain), xamón (in Galicia) and urdaiazpiko (in the Basque Country and Navarre).

A similar product is the paleta de cerdo or paletilla, which is made from the front leg of a pig, instead of the hind leg used for jamón.

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