Snip my pics

What is Snip my pics.

Snip my pics is an idea we had at COSSYIMAGES LTD, while building snipstock and FreePSDs. Although we offer 1000's of free PNG images and free PSD files, we know that it still isn't good enough. As designers you may have your own image in mind created yourself or sourced from else where. Snip my pics gives you the capability to upload any image to be removed from there background.

Who do my images go to?

Snip my pics have a dedicated team of designers who strive to give snipstock there precision cuts. Here at snip my pics our designers can remove virtually any background from an image with a very speedy turn around.

Cost and timings?

Because our designers work in partnership with COSSYIMAGES LTD we have mega cheap rates compared to sites that offer these services. For as little as £1 we will remove any background from any image. 48 hours is the expected turn around.

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